Amplefield Limited Annual General Meeting

Pre-registration for Live Audio-visual Webcast/Live Audio-only Stream of the Annual General Meeting ("AGM")

This year we will be livestreaming our AGM online with webcasting service, giving you the opportunity to watch the proceedings online, using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Shareholders or his/her/its duly appointed proxy(ies) (other than the Chairman of the AGM) may also (i) listen to the AGM proceedings via “live” audio-visual webcast and “live” audio-only stream); (ii) submission of questions to the Chairman of the Meeting in advance of the AGM or during the AGM via an online chat box, and the addressing of relevant questions at the AGM; and (iii) voting at the AGM via electronic means through personal-remote attendance or by appointing the Chairman of the Meeting as proxy at the AGM

To view the live webcast of the meeting and/or listen to the live audio-only stream, you will need to register by 2.00 p.m. 14 January 2023 to enable us to verify your unitholding status.

Authenticated Shareholders will receive an email by 16 January 2023 containing login credentials and the link to access the webcast and audio-only stream of the AGM proceedings.

You will need the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. Please ensure your browser is compatible.